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Design for Values to Get a Good Information Society (Short Interview)

A short video was launched yesterday in which Prof. Dr. Jeroen van den Hoven speaks about design for values, responsible innovation and governments as 'launching customers' for realizing a good information society. He believes that there are many opportunities in this area for both the Netherlands and Europe.
Interview with Jeroen for the Digitalization Matters MOOC

The Influence of Digitization on Democracy – New Research Report

In the run-up to the Dutch municipal elections of 2018, a team of researchers from TU Delft investigated the influence of digitization on Dutch parliamentary democracy. This research was made possible by a subsidy from the state committee parliamentary system. Jeroen van den Hoven is among the co-authors of the report.
The Influence of Digitization on Democracy – New Research Report

“Ethics Should Already Be Integrated in the Design of Technology” – Online Interview

"That smart information technology and ethics can clash has been made clear by the recent scandals concerning Facebook and Google about the use of private data. Who controls the use of artificial intelligence? The challenge is to design and use technology in such a way that it meets human, ethical standards. And that is something you cannot leave to the market alone, says the TU Delft professor of ethics and technology Jeroen van den Hoven." IN DUTCH
screenshot interview sigma

“Evil Online” (New Book) – Why the Design of Our Digital Environment Matters

“Filter bubbles” that help create narrow-mindedness, applications that are “designed for addiction”: Evil Online gives a comprehensive analysis of how the shape of our digital environments undermines key societal values in various ways. The book offers invaluable insights to anyone interested in designing a better online world. Jeroen van den Hoven wrote it together with Australian philosopher Dean Cocking.
“Evil Online” (New Book) – Why the Design of Our Digital Environment Matters

The Netherlands is Leading in Ethics Debate on High Tech – Op-Ed in Newspaper

The Netherlands is internationally leading in ethical thinking about technology. After the incident regarding Cambridge Analytica it is clear that ethics and regulation are crucial for a decent digital society. But this requires an investment in responsible innovation, so DDFV scientific director Jeroen van den Hoven and Peter Paul Verbeek (professor in philosophy of technology at the University of Twente) argue in Dutch Newspaper Financieel Dagblad. IN DUTCH
The Netherlands leading in ethical debate on high tech